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On Shakey’s Ground

My favourite Lincolnshire delphinium-grower was in town with his grandma today, so I met them both for a spot of breakfast.

It being the Southbank, it was impossible to buy a simple bacon buttie, so instead we feasted on croissants, Gruyère, scrambled eggs and prosciutto, plus coffee that came in handle-less cups (apparently it’s now the chic, city-thing to burn your hands on scalding beverages).

Afterwards we popped along the river to the Shakespeare’s Globe for a guided tour of the theatre. After half an hour in our guide’s company, what I don’t know about wattle and daub or oak-based carpentry isn’t worth knowing, let me tell you.

Globe theatre

Apparently during Shakey’s time, a play at the Globe was the thing to splash a penny on if you were an mead-swigging peasant. Not being a literate audience though, Shakey and his thespian chums couldn’t advertise their plays to the masses through posters or some crazily concocted TV ad. Instead they used to hoist a flag at the theatre on the days they were planning on taking the stage.

I didn’t see the point of taking a photo of a flagpole – I’m assuming your imaginations are good enough not to need one – so instead here’s a photo of Bill himself, the ol’ clever clogs.

William Shakespeare

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