Making the Hairwaves

When I was younger, my birthday wish was to either have a card read out on CBBC, or to have a birthday shout-out on Radio Nottingham.

I remember sitting by the cassette player with my sister, waiting to press the ‘record’ and ‘play’ buttons to tape the moment Dennis McCarthy said my name. Sadly, waiting by the radio didn’t pay off, and I didn’t ever feature on CBBC either (I still watch children’s TV every birthday though, just in case one of my long-lost cards  suddenly emerges from a BBC postbag…).

But today, I had one of my dreams (kind of) fulfilled. It may be another six months before my birthday, but I got a shout-out on the radio. Twice. Check it out here (whiz forward to the seventh minute if you’re too excited to hang on for it).

I have a phobia of hair and wool, so be mentioned on-air in reference to something that brings me out it cold sweats is pretty hairlarious. But perhaps more amusing is I’d never noticed the value I obviously attach to different media.

My shout-out was a result of a Twitter conversation I had about a Prince of Charles wool project. Social media and writing stories for the Farmers Weekly website means I’m published in some kind of media every day, but  to me that’s nowhere near as exciting as making BBC radio, no matter how regional and fringe the show is.

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1 Response to “Making the Hairwaves”

  1. Big_Norm

    During the mid 70s, while living in Sooli’ull, friends of ours decided to take their kids and ours to the TISWAS (This is Saturday watch and smile) studio in Brum. We missed it on the tele because we had to go do the weekly shopping, no all day stuff in them days. Anyway one of the gang had recorded it on video and gave us a look see. It was quite exciting looking to see a glimpse of the three little blondies in their smart little frocks inbetween cartoons etc, until… we saw the eldest, sitting next to Chris Tarrant, lean over and scratch her bum. Highlight of our stay in the West Midlands that was!