Britain’s sexiest spokespeople

Guess who came to Farmers Weekly Towers today? That’s right, only Britain’s sexiest farmers.

After all the excitement of the Facebook fan groups, the radio and newspaper campaigns and the unfortunate drama of the rigged voting, it was quite odd to see them in the flesh. What am I saying – odd? It was bloomin’ great. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Miss Head of Content blush and be so giggly as when we were talking to Mr Sexiest Farmer.

Anyway, it turns out that Miss Sexiest Farmer has already been interviewed by her local TV and radio stations about her win, and about what makes farming such an ace profession that fabulous-looking folk like herself want to join it.

I started this post with the intention of suggesting that farming ought to hire a load of gorgeous spokespeople to get the public to sit up and take notice of how important it is. But having spent a couple of hours in the presence of Mr Sexiest Farmer, I’m pretty sure the smitten ladies of FW Towers could tell you his eye colour, but probably can’t remember a word he said.

As I took leave of my senses during their visit and forgot to take a photo of our special guests for the blog, here are some other delights from the world of farming for your delectation. Not a welly or a piece of straw in sight:

Sheepish Sam, Farmer Phil and Padders

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1 Response to “Britain’s sexiest spokespeople”

  1. Isabel

    I deny everything.
    The room was hot.