A tonne of farming tweeters

I’ve spent most of the day spread-eagle on my living room floor after a visit to a rather enthusiastic masseuse on Thursday aggravated my dodgy should/neck/back.

As I think it’s important to set the scene in these posts, here’s a picture of the view I’ve been enjoying:


I discovered ceiling-gazing can send you a bit bonkers after 20 minutes or so, which probably explains why – when I discovered I could lift my arm up far enough to be able to use my iPhone – the afternoon I spent on Twitter seemed more exciting than the Super Bowl.

I don’t know about you, but I bloomin’ love Twitter. I actually couldn’t imagine doing my job without it now, and I know it wouldn’t be as much fun. Having Twitter on my iPhone has just made the addiction even worse.

What was particularly exciting though, was that today I reached 1000 followers. Okay, a few of them are probably Spam Bots, (and a mere 1k seems quite paltry when you look at the likes of Twitter experts Ashton Kutcher and Stephen Fry), but the majority who are following areĀ  connected to agriculture in some way – either as consultants, traders, journalists or indeed farmers themselves.


While I like to Tweet the latest news, I’ve found I’ve gained most followers and got the most responses when my Tweets have been more personal, or when I share something humorous (I gained a couple of hundred followers this week after I Tweeted about a hilarious debate from the Soil Association conference).

The lovely Heather and Phil Gorringe of Wiggly Wigglers have got it down to a fine art too – I know of several Twitter chums who have bought from their online farm shop, probably because they feel like they know them and it feels as thought they’re supporting friends by buying from them.

While I’ve picked up some Twitter techniques, I’m not sure I’ve quite learnt where to draw the line in sharing though. It’s debatable whether the BBC’s Declan Curry, Hilary Benn’s special advisor, or indeed anyone, really wanted to know about my Friday night escapades.

And before you ask, no – that’s one scene I won’t be sharing with a photograph.

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1 Response to “A tonne of farming tweeters”

  1. Adam

    I used to work on a student newspaper with Declan. You’d be _amazed_ by what he’s interested in… :-)