Health tips from cows

So, did you spend your Friday afternoon being massaged with horse cream by a man with a tiny beard and an American accent as good as Matthew Naylor’s? You did? Why what a coincidence – me too.

It may not have been the most conventional of physio sessions, but it turns out that the same liniment used on ponies, when mashed vigorously into your back and shoulders, is bloomin’ great for sore muscles.

Admittedly I was slightly concerned by Mr Physio’s technique, but after checking out his methods with my farming chums on Twitter, it seems I’ve been the only one foolishly missing out on this wonder cure. Apparently though, it’s not just the horsey stuff that’s good – I should be going for the stuff that dairy farmers rub on sore cow udders.

The very wonderful DiggerEd (my new hero) is popping some in the post for me so I can give it a whirl next week. So I’m just letting you all know now – yes, it’ll be me that’s making Farmers Weekly Towers smell minty-fresh, and no, I don’t have mastitis.

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