Normal service resumes

The problem with being a journalist in a modern newsroom is that it’s very rare you can switch off and collect your thoughts.

I had a tough week last week, hence my almost-silence in the outside world. It was hard enough trying to pull my brain together to write articles for FW, let alone making any attempt to be entertaining or amusing on here or on Twitter or anywhere else.

The whole 24-hour news culture, coupled with ever-stretched editorial teams, makes it very difficult to have an off-day.

In the same way, it’s sometimes difficult to take the time to really think about articles and angles for stories before the next deadline has hurtled past.

Taking the time to think about how I go about my job is one of the reasons I applied for a Nuffield Scholarship in the first place.

I’m off to Washington at the end of next week for the start of my Nuffield adventure, so hopefully I’ll come back from there full of beans and fresh ideas. At the moment the thought of an eight-hour flight filled with trashy films seems like bliss.

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