Packing it all in

So tomorrow my Nuffield Adventure begins. I’m heading the whole mile and a half down the road from Chez Stocks to the Farmers Club, where I’ll meet the 20 or so other people from the UK who have been selected as Nuffield Scholars and spend the next three days getting to know them.

I’m excited, but also nervous. While I’d like to think I know a fair bit about the industry and I can’t wait to get going with my study, I’m not a proper farmer – I know I’m going to be in awe of all the people I’m about to meet who run great businesses while I sit in an office trying to write sentences that sound lovely and nice and have no speeling misteaks in them and have all the right grammar and punctuation and stuff like that,

I think my nerves have transferred themselves to my packing – I’ve repacked my suitcase more times than I’d care to remember over the last couple of days. It’s not just that I enjoy folding socks and trying to crease my clothes as much as is humanly possible, I  haven’t got clue what to shove in there either.

You see after the London leg of the Nuffield gathering, we’re off to Washington DC to meet scholars from around the world, attend a conference on global agriculture and generally have a smashing time. Having pored over the week’s jam-packed itinerary, its obvious we’re going to be doing some great things. The problem is trying to find a wardrobe which’ll see me through, amongst other things, an ice hockey match, a trip to an Amish farm and dinner at a governor’s residence.

With a bit of luck I’ll be blogging about my escapades over the next ten days so you’ll get to hear about all my wardrobe dilemmas. I’m joking, of course – I’ll just keep it to the shoe issues and maybe I’ll try to squeeze a bit of farming in there if I get time. Bet you’re excited too now, aren’t you…

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2 Responses to “Packing it all in”

  1. emelfp

    Wishing you all the best, we are excited for you and look forward to you sharing your farming and shoe experiences with us back at home! Enjoy, you are as good as the rest of them and I bet they are all feeling the same nerves and excitement. Adventures, shopping, new friends and farming what more can you want?

  2. William

    I hope you have a great time and enjoy the experience as much as I have. Try and get around to meeting all the “foreign” Nuffields. The time passes quickly and they are off before you realise. Dont worry to much about “being in awe”, that is a two way street and there will be many others thinking the same when they find out more about you. Im sure they wont worry about the speeling mistakes either!! If you get a chance to meet the guy from the Noble foundation in DC it may be worth your while. They are a fantastic organisation in Ardmore Oklahoma. Good luck and I cant wait to read and hear all about it.