Too much information

Far too many people have shared their toilet habits with me today.

I’ve been having a chat with some of the scholars about the farming newspapers they read back home – I’ve brought a couple of issues of FW with me so we’ve been trading agricultural publications on the bus journeys.

Having a flick through, it was strange to see that no matter whether from the UK, Australia, New Zealand or the States the stories were more or less the same – lack of research and development, feeding a growing population and concerns over welfare standards of imports all feature.

As well as the similarities in subjects, there are similarities in the way the group read farming media too. Lots of them say they use mobile technology and the Internet for information, but most of them reckon they still like to read a magazine.

I’ve always known portability is an issue for advocates of printed news, but I really didn’t need to know it’s portability to the bathroom which appeals most. Thanks for sharing, guys.

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