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Another interesting day, this time at the Pennsylvania farm centre for a conference. Most of the speakers talked about US farm policy and the States’ perspective on food production. It was good to see that despite what we might think in Europe, they are taking serious steps to cut emissions and produce food more sustainably.

In the evening we headed over to the Penn State assembly buildings. Coming from titchy Britain, trying to get my head around the scale of US states is proving a bit difficult, so I really wasn’t expecting a building quite like this – even if the state is nearly as big as the UK:

Pennsylvania Assembly buildings

Inside the assembly

Penn general assembly

Afterwards we were invited to the governor’s residence for can-apes and locally-produced tipples (I can whole-heartedly recommend the local beer – if anyone knows where I can buy this when I get back to the UK, let me know). The welcome and hospitality we are receiving over here is just phenomenal – I hadn’t realised quite how well-regarded Nuffield Scholars were until we got here, it’s actually very humbling. We’ve been escorted all week by the state’s secretary for Agriculture, Russell Redding. I can’t ever imagine our equivalent at DEFRA ever being so generous with his time or so genuinely interested in our views about the industry.

Anyway, if I thought the parliament buildings were swanky, I hadn’t seen anything yet. Check out the wallpaper in the governor’s living room. I’m definitely taking notes for Stocks Towers:

Crazy wallpaper

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