Catching up with the Amish

Today I learnt I definitely wouldn’t want to live near a composting facility. Be thankful these photos come smell-free:

CompostCompostingComposting 2

The visit here was part of learning how mushrooms are produced – apparently Pennsylvania accounts for 35% of all the fungi produced in the States so they need a lot of compost to grow the things on. The second part of the tour was much more enjoyable, but I’m still not convinced fungus would be my career move of choice – picking these by hand is about as appealing as the prospect of self-pollinating plants every day a la our tomato-growing Aussie friend…


Perhaps the most interesting part of the day though was this morning’s visit to an Amish farm. Seeing people produce food with so little machanisation was fascinating, if not a little strange considering our host told us he used GM crops. Who’da thought it’d be possible to say the Amish community had overtaken UK farmers in terms of technology…

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