Bad(ger) hair day

I love it when celebs get involved with farming issues.

Sometimes I’m impressed that they’re having a go at trying to get people interested in food and the way its produced. I mean, just look at the great work of Nell McAndrew, or Cheggars perhaps…

Ok, I lie. I usually get incredibly wound up that they’ve got the wrong end of the stick, they’ve over-simplified things, or they’ve just made the industry feel cringe-worthy. I mean, really – what were Westlife thinking?

Anyway, aged rocker Brian May’s squeezed his farming hat over his frizzy hair this week to stick his two pence-worth in over plans to cull badgers in Wales. He reckons the Welsh Assembly Government’s plans to carry out a targeted cull in a bid to eradicate bovine TB is ‘genocide’.

Not knowing when to stop (perhaps Freddie taught him something about that), he went on to liken the plans to killing ginger-haired people in a bid to rid the world of smallpox. Excellent analogy, Bri.

I’d been trying for a few hours to rack my brain for a pun about Queen, Brian’s barnet or badgers to end on. Being a bit short on inspiration I gave Gob of the Wash a call on my way to FW Towers. He claims his mind’s solely on daffodil harvesting at the mo and that’s the reason why this was the best he could come up with:


Perhaps he’s not the only one who should stick to the day job…

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1 Response to “Bad(ger) hair day”

  1. Caroline

    Matthew’s come back with some more puns:

    “It’s a kind of badger”

    “I want to break TB”

    They don’t get any better, do they…