I’ve spent the last few days emailing what feels like every agricultural organisation in India in a bid to sort out the next stage of my Nuffield scholarship.

I want to go to India to learn about some projects out there that are encouraging farmers to use mobile technology to share information and trade. It’s a country that has crummy internet connection in rural areas, but due to mobile phone networks being run by private companies, apparently has tip-top mobile reception, even in remote spots.

Anyway, despite few farmers using the t’interweb, the interestingly-named Department of Agriculture and Co-operation (can you imagine ‘co-operation’ ever being tacked onto the end of DEFRA?) still has it’s own website, and it ain’t half flashy*.

And farmers in England complained about the DEFRA site….

*Health warning: don’t click the link if you’re affected by super-high-speed graphics and images

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