Chocs away

A farming chum who was visiting Farmers Weekly Towers yesterday asked how I managed to get in the frame of mind to write anything in the office.

I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I suppose the greyness and lack of natural light isn’t really conducive to creativity, is it? (The office isn’t really this wonky by the way, I was just balancing on my back-wrecking swivel chair while I took the photo)

FW Office

I can’t even claim to have created my own little oasis of beauty and journalistic inspiration at my desk to counter the greyness of the rest of the place. Maybe I ought to invest in a pot plant…

my desk
I’ll admit my childhood dreams of being a journalist didn’t quite feature spending most of my time in a place like this. I wanted to work somewhere with leather chairs where I could dash about in a reporter’s hat, smoke cigars, drink from a hip flask and have a revolver in my desk drawer.

But ocassionally, every now and then, being in the office has its perks. Just check out what been passed around FW Towers today:


What, you think that’s just a regular chocolate egg? Oh no, my friend. It’s a monster. Look, here’s another photo with Mr Machinery Editor’s hand and a 12-inch ruler for scale:

giant egg

Having made myself feel sick through Belgian chocolately goodness, I’m off to get the train up north for the Easter weekend. Laters, everyone.

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