An Easter miracle

Admittedly this story doesn’t sound quite so lovely with the headline “LAMB DEATH MISS IS BACK” (the Mirror’s sub editors being as undramatic as ever there), but the story of a headteacher being reinstated after she resigned over the slaughter of a lamb raised by her pupils is rather cheering.

Andrea Charman resigned earlier in the year after she was sent death threats for allowing the school’s pet lamb, Marcus, to be sent to an abattoir and for his little chops to be auctioned. (This isn’t Marcus by the way, I’m just helping out your imagination with a blurry photo I took whilst walking in Derbyshire yesterday)

blurry lamb

The children had voted in favour of sending Marcus on his merry way so they could raise money to buy more animals for the school’s farm. Mrs Charman’s ‘crazy’ idea of trying to teach children about where their food comes from was backed by the majority of the pupils’ parents too, so since she stepped down there’s been a campaign to get her back at the school.

At a time when so few children understand where their food comes from, school projects like this should be getting all the backing available. I’m not suggesting for a second that those little kids need to go along and see the deed being done (my sister became a vegetarian after she was forced to pluck and gut a freshly-dispatched chicken on a Girl Guide camping trip at the age of 10), but rearing Marcus and waving him off to the abattoir will have given them an appreciation of the value of food and its production that could never be learnt from a textbook and will stay with them forever.

Fingers crossed other school teachers aren’t put off from doing something similar because of what happened to Mrs Charman.

Anyway, happy Easter. May your bunny’s ears taste as good as mine did:

Easter pics(Clockwise from top left: Derbyshire daffs; chocolate duckling I won’t be able to bring myself to eat because it’s too cute; Lindt bunny; decapitated Lindt bunny; the world’s greatest apple and cinnamon hot cross buns [thanks, M&S]; a rather scary Easter-fied tiger rug at Kedleston Hall – the National Trust has some unusual ideas when it comes to decoration…)

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3 Responses to “An Easter miracle”

  1. fuzz

    Who decapitated the Lindt bunny?

  2. Caroline

    Sissy Joanne. Definitely wasn’t me. Honest…

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