Some badger to love

Brian May’s back.

Fan’s of my last post on the hirsute, badger-loving rocker’s anti-cull campaign will be distraught to know I haven’t got any quality puns this time. Sorry, Steve.

I have, however, got this brilliant photo of the Queen guitarist having a debate with some Welsh dairy farmers about how best to tackle bovine TB:

Stephen James, Brian May and Michael Sharratt small

Just look at it. There are so many aspects of it that make it such a wonder to behold: the barnet, obviously; the jumper on the chap on the right (Organic Farmers and Growers’ efforts have nothing on this, hey?); the hand gesture of the guy on the left (is he demonstrating how he’d throttle a badger, or is he showing Bri how he usually dances to Radio Ga Ga?).

My favourite element though is the photo of the girl on the Welsh dresser. How on earth did Brian manage to coordinate his outfit like that? Scary.

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1 Response to “Some badger to love”

  1. William

    ” I want to break free, I want break free from the movement restrictions inflicted becasuse of TB”