Everyone on the bus in five minutes… (CSC reprise)

If there’s something I didn’t expect to come back from Ireland with, it was a farmer’s tan and an appreciation of Guinness. In just three days on our mini Nuffield reunion we managed to fit in….

A tour of Dublin (complete with obligatory trip to the city’s famous brewery)

A monster-filled loch


Trips to see the boy band (check out the freakishly neat workshop – any guesses who that belongs to?)

Boyband's farms

As well as some tips on interior design, an introduction to vacuuming Irish-style, some serious trabompolining, vertigo, horse racing, kitchens that sent Princess and I green with envy, duck feeding, Jaffa Cakes, Argentinian farming, blazing sunshine  Рand last but not least Рsome welcome additions to the clique.

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