Fairly liberal

For those of you waiting with baited breath for the Lib Dem green manifesto word cloud (sorry Rob, you have my permission to have a nap rather than read this), here it is:

Lib Dem manifestoBit different to the others, innit? Agriculture-friendly words ‘fair’, ‘support’, ‘help’ and ‘future’ all dominate, while ‘farmers’ is the second most-featured word. If I was living in a rural constituency (and if you could rely on parties to deliver on their manifestos), I think the Boy Cleggy would be getting my vote.

It’s going to be interesting to see how much (if any) time food and environmental issues are given in tonight’s debate between Nick, Dave and Gordy, and to see if the themes pulled from these clouds are reflected in what they all say.

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2 Responses to “Fairly liberal”

  1. Rob

    I’m already asleep.

  2. Organic duck

    Bit worried they seemed to have missed out food, which even the labour party remembered that was what we are trying to produce. These word clouds are much more exciting than live tv debates!