Musical interlude

Thought I’d have an election break just to mention a fairly profitable farm diversification.

The full Glastonbury line-up was announced yesterday, so Mr Business, Mr Arable and Miss Machinery and I have been discussing our plans for our Farmers Weekly festival trip in June.

Despite clocking up a few good years at FW between us, this will be the first time we’ve ever been to Michael Eavis’ dairy farm – the site of the festival – so we’re very excited. Of course, we’ve obviously bought tickets to we can look at grassland management and succesful farm diversification, but it’d be rude not to check out the music, wouldn’t it?

I think my weekend will be spent mostly admiring the grazing potential around the John Peel stage, where coincidentally Mumford and Sons, Delphic, Foals, Ash and Ellie Goulding (my latest favourite album – dunno what’s going on with my music tastes at the moment) will be playing.

I might be tempted away from there to catch the XX, Laura Marling and Empire of the Sun too. And sadly I can never pass up the chance to see Bono either.

I can’t believe I’ve just admitted U2 love in public. These last few posts have really revealed how uncool I am, haven’t they…

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2 Responses to “Musical interlude”

  1. Mike

    Have we asked Michael Eavis to enter FW Diversification farmer of the year? ;)
    I’m looking forward to Delphic, Marina, and, of course, my mate’s band, The Leisure Society. I reckon Florence will probably be pretty awesome, in best Miss Machinery language, too.
    PS You been buying CDs again? ;)
    Oh, and I’m not a Glasto virgin. But you’ll wish I wasn’t going when it rains again. I am a Glasto rain god.

  2. Caroline

    I stand corrected! And who cares about rain when you want an excuse to wear your eu de nil Hunters?! :)

    I may have been buying again – she’s no Florence, but I still rather like her. The album’s been over-produced to high heaven, but I reckon she’ll be ace live.