Thank you, Icelandic Volcano

The sun’s out so I’m sitting on my balcony to write this. I’ve resisted the ‘typing in a bikini’ method of work apparently favoured by a certain Farmplan worker – my balcony overlooks a communal garden, I don’t want to scare the kids.

It seems the nice weather’s brought everyone out this weekend. Gob of the Wash called me from his cultivator yesterday, I went on a touristy trek around London, and every other person in the capital seemed to take to the Serpentine in a boat.


It was so warm I spent a pleasant couple of hours lying under a tree in Hyde Park, reading some Graham Greene and listening to a bloke with a dodgy Australian accent (I mean Josh Pyke, obviously).

And because of the lack of planes I think it was the quietest, most relaxing day I’ve ever had in London. Maybe giant ash clouds aren’t so bad, after all.

Springtime in London

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