Just call me Miss Eccentricity

So Gordon Brown’s the ‘worst Prime Minister ever’, according to Manish Sood, a prospective Labour MP from Norwich.

If Mr Sood hadn’t realised before, he’s now learning that slating your prospective boss like that isn’t the way to make friends and get ahead. Yes, he might have endeared himself to a few voters in his constituency by saying what they’re thinking, but if –  in the unlikely event Gordy wins on Thursday – Sood takes his seat in Norwich North West, he’s going to be derided and ignored by the Labour party and less likely to be able have any influence on issues that matter to his voters.

In the meantime, the party and its supporters’ solution to the incident has been to discredit the outburst by insinuating he’s a “maverick” (in the words of Jack Straw), while derisory comments about Mr Sood quickly started whizzing around the internet.

The press were quick to circulate the party’s dismissives too. Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s chief political correspondent posted on Twitter that Labour sources had tried to deselect Mr Sood in the past but had failed on a technicality.

“Labour now says on the record that Sood is a ‘dreadful candidate’ and is ‘divorced’ from the campaign,” she added later.

But what confirmed it for everyone that Mr Sood’s clearly a crackpot who should be ignored?

Only that he supports farmers. He’s a bloomin’ fruitcake, obviously.

Paul Waugh, the Evening Standard’s deputy political editor tweeted the following on hearing the news:

“Manish Sood tells SkyNews that we should ‘give more power to the farmers’. I’m not making this up.”

I asked him whether that confirmed to him that Sood was a bit bonkers and his comments should be taken with a pinch of salt, to which he replied:

twitter grab
Now I’m not saying whether Mr Sood’s right about Gordy, but he’s standing in a rural constituency –  talking about something that’s of interest to potential voters in an interview for his local paper hardly seems off the point to me.

Paul Waugh may write for a London audience, but I hope that attitude isn’t endemic across the whole of the national press. I’d hate to think farming’s still a fringe topic for the mainstream media and anyone who considers it a serious subject for discussion is merely an eccentric…

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5 Responses to “Just call me Miss Eccentricity”

  1. neil ridley

    “Brown is ‘worst PM ever’ says Labour candidate Labour man blasts his own party Manish Sood

    NORTH-west Norfolk’s…” I copied this from your link

    Now, I know Norfolk is an insignificant old place, but surely Caroline you can read your hyperlink and join the dot to NW Norfolk and Norwich being slightly different?

    Keep up the good work

  2. Caroline

    *Hangs head in shame*

    Fair cop – not sure how I managed to cock that up, I hadn’t even been drinking when I wrote the post last night. Apologies to Norfolkonians and Norwichians out there.

  3. Carl

    Eccentricity is what makes this country so endearing…. I love to be eccentric.
    I do think that we (the farming / farm loving community) are a minority and that the rest of society doesn’t really care 2 hoots for. I say this as someone that has had a good look around after spending the first 30 years of their life farming… As with other vocations; they’re not given a second thought by the masses, yet these are professions that you’ve to be dedicated to-to make a long career out of. ‘Way of life V’s Globalized Capitalism’ never the twain shall meet!! Just be thankful that you’re not one of those people that have no sense of belonging…. ;)

  4. Mike

    It’s my fault Neil. I obviously haven’t been clear enough in distinguishing the difference between Norfolk and Norwich to Caroline. ;)

    Or is it like for Americans, where there is no difference between London and England, or, indeed, the UK.

  5. neil ridley

    this should clear the head Mike. This is way before Caroline’s time