Tired grump

Usually when I come into the office having had three hours sleep and feeling like I’ve been thwacked around the head with a sledgehammer, there’s been beer and loud music involved the night before.

Having looked forward to the election for weeks, it was kinda disappointing that the biggest excitement of staying up til 4am was going to see some lights flashing around the London Eye.

London Eye
Eye and City Hall
London Eye2

It was a strange atmosphere by the Thames – the usual collection of street drinkers had been replaced by 20-something politicos in suits who couldnt get into Andrew Neil’s weird boat party, so were instead drinking Prosecco straight from the bottle and stumbling drunkenly over their loafers outside City Hall.

Anyway, I woke up to the same situation as when I had finally gone to sleep (apart from I had missed the glorious moment when Jacqui Smith lost her seat). I wish I’d just had the good sense to believe the exit polls and go to bed at 10pm.

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