Sojourn to Cereals

Apologies for all those waiting with baited breath for news about the naked Scottish sheep, I’ll get around to it at some point, honest.

I’ve been a bit busy entertaining some Nuffield chums who have come over from Australia to follow a strict, miliatary-esque itinerary of farm trips, meetings and a couple of days at the Cereals event. Having not seen them since our trip to the States in March, it’s ace to catch up with them and introduce them to the joys of living less than three hours away from the nearest pub.

Anyway, today I’ve joined some more of the Nuff Crew and made my inaugral visit to Cereals.  Most of the FW team have decamped here too so we’re trying something crazy and new-fangled and putting the magazine together from the Cereals site. Here’s the newsroom in action:


Swanky, hey? It all looks pretty good until you peer out of the window and see the path that runs past our stand. Wellies might be an idea if you come to see us tomorrow…


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