A bloomin’ good time in Lincolnshire (and proof it was worth carrying the laptop)

I’ve had the day off today and been up to Gob of the Wash’s pad in Lincolnshire. I’d pretended the trip was in aid of taking a flower-growing chum there to see Matthew’s farm, but in reality it was because I wanted to meet Wooster, the latest addition to the NayLo household.

Like his master, Wooster has a bit of a thing for shoelaces, so I spent most of the afternoon trying to prise his teeth away from my trainers (I’m still talking about the dog here, not Matthew. He’s moved on from trainers to metallic stilettos).

Anyway, we had a good old nosey around the farm and the trial grounds and we even went along to a supermarket pack-house. It was really interesting to see the lengths the packers have to go to to keep their supermarket buyers happy – from testing the shelf-life of flowers to working with growers to find ways to improve bloom quality and bringing in new ranges.

The packer we visited is packing a ‘rainforest bouquet’, something I hadn’t seen before. Backed by the Rainforest Alliance the packaging explains the conditions and systems used to produce the flowers – something supermarkets have used for a while now with food to show off its origins and add a premium.

It’ll be interesting to see if giving flowers a story helps drive up prices for flower-growers. If consumers realised just how much work went into a bunch of peonies I wonder whether they’d feel guilty about just paying a couple of quid for them.

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