The best farm diversification ever

Before you ask, yes – I meant to be this sun burnt, ok? And I’m definitely supposed to have these unusual suntan lines across my back and shoulders. And the panda eyes from wearing my sunglasses.

I thought Glastonbury was all about storms and tidal waves of mud, not blistering sunshine. It seems our crappy English summer’s finally came good and I had a need for the factor 50 suncream my mum bought me last year.

It’s just a shame I left it on my bedside table and took the factor 25 instead.

Skin-searing aside, I’ve had a brilliant few days. If you have no interest in music I suggest you toddle off elsewhere for this next bit – Gob of the Wash has been having a whinge about flowers and having to do some work, maybe that will appeal instead.

Highlights of the weekend were Foals (cos everyone loves being jumped on by a front-man), Mumford and Sons (who knew folky music could be so much fun) and the XX (even though they seemed to attract a crowd of chain-smoking, chattering, 18-year-old posh kids).

I also enjoyed Ellie Goulding, Delphic, Bombay Bicycle Club and, surprisingly, Muse (though that’s probably because Th’Edge came onstage during the encore). And Julian Casablancas was good too. Oh, and who could forget Australia’s favourite son, Rolf Harris…

Anyway, I’m pretty exhausted now, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some sleep before Thursday when I head off to Chicago on the next leg of my Nuffield adventure. I can’t wait to get back to travelling, even more so now I know it’s nice and sunny in Illinois so I should be able to even out the wonky tan-lines….

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2 Responses to “The best farm diversification ever”

  1. Tesla

    Best farm diversification would be some kind of nudist colony.

  2. Caroline

    Tesla, there’s no way you will ever find me checking out that kind of diversification.

    Nor would I want to see about 99% of the Glasto crowd in any kind of state of undress, for that matter. Think far too many beer bellies and giant love handles. The thought makes me shudder as much as the toilets did.