Well that was a lame headline, wasn’t it? I’m not at my writing best today thanks to my brain thinking it’s 2am and the fact I’ve been taking a cocktail of Lemsips every few hours since I left London. I always seem to get the lurgy whenever I have time off from work – maybe it’s punishment for daring to leave FW Towers.

Anyway, I’ve arrived in Chicago, despite the best efforts of Air Canada and it’s surly staff. Through sheer accident I managed to book a hostel that’s perfectly positioned by the lake and the Millennium Park. The park’s home to some fancy fountains and gardens, as well as some unusual buildings and bits of art, like this rather funky thing by Anish Kapoor:

Anish Kapoor's random reflective thang

There’s also this open-air music pavilion by fancy architect Frank Gehry:

Frank Gehry pavilion

Apparently the criss-crossy things help the the acoustics – don’t ask me how. In an effort to help me fight the overwhelming urge to crawl into bed and let the jet-lag get the better of me, I’m writing this sat in front of the pavilion waiting for a Haitian orchestra to come on stage. I figure if a load of trumpets can’t keep me awake then nothing will.

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