Laters, Windy City

No meetings yesterday so Kev, an Irish scholar who happens to be passing through Chicago, and I spent the day together doing some proper touristy stuff.

First though, we had to head back tot he airport so he could pick up his hire truck. Apparently he would have felt too ashamed visiting farms in a little car, so he felt this was in order:

Monster Truck

I couldn’t even reach the roof standing on my tip-toes. The open back was quite handy though, it meant I managed to get a good tan on the way back into the city:


Don’t panic mother, I’m obviously joking. Anyway, we had a savage day of boating, learning how the river’s turned green for St Patrick’s day, story-telling, playing with lego, overcoming vertigo, almost buying aviators and the world’s best taxi ride.

Spending time with Kev has also taught me I need to be a bit braver about talking to people – I’m not sure I need to go for the whole Irish Effect, but some of the best bits of yesterday were chatting to locals. Anyway, Kev’s off to St Louis today to the John Deere factory (I assume he’s bought the giant suitcase to fill up on JD stuff from the gift shop) and I’m heading south to Champaign and the University of Illinois. I’d better go and pack…

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