Shootin’ the breeze

I had my first taste of home-made icream-making today (I believe my official role was foreman):

icecream making

We were joined for dinner by my my hosts’ (Jim and Marlene) neighbour Dave, an arable farmer who lives next door. Dave’s son has taken over most of the farm, but Dave still farms 100 acres of corn and beans.

I don’t think he really got the hang of my accent, but he could certainly tell a story. Dave used to breed and race horses, and at 81 still gets on a horse when he can ‘to prove he can still do it’. He told tales of when he used to race his horse against motorbikes – and win – and stories about his various escapades trying to shoot the raccoons that plagued his farm.

“I set a trap for the ‘coons and dagnammit di’n’t I only go and catch mysel’ two skunks. Did I have ter shoot ’em? Well, no, I didn’t have ter, but I sure did.”

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