Oh Canada…

After the Planes, Trains and Automobiles-esque escapades of yesterday (things would’ve been so much better had John Candy been involved), I’m ready to wave goodbye to the US and head on to Canada.

I had planned to arrive in Chicago with enough time last night to sample the city’s famous deep-dish pizza, but I didn’t get to the hostel until nearly midnight and I wasn’t staying in the greatest of areas so didn’t fancy walking round trying to find somewhere to eat.

The hostel was in the Greek district and was sandwiched between and above a Greek restaurant. Let’s just say I was obviously spoiled by the last Chicago hostel I stayed in and there was probably a reason why this was the only place in the city with a room going spare. I keep telling myself the splodges on the sheets were patterns and were meant to be there…

Breakfast this morning was a slightly awkward affair in the restaurant’s bar, with the proprietor and the chef having a blazing row in Greek over my head while I tried to eat my Cheerios. I legged it before the customary plate-smashing began.

I have a few days in Toronto now before I head down through Ontario to Guelph, where I’m meeting up with some more agricultural communications experts as well as Sarah, Karen and Shane, some Canadian Nuffield chums. While I enjoy travelling by myself it’ll be nice to catch up with some familiar faces.

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