Tea and sympathy

Seeing as he told me he doesn’t read blogs, I think I’m safe to say what I like about farmer Steve, who I met today. This is him overlooking the lake on his farm:


I think Steve’s actually a closet Englishman, as he’s the first person I’ve met in the US who a) owns a kettle and b) knows how to make a decent brew. He’d even heard of Twinings tea and put my mug on a saucer. D’you reckon this kind of detail is embarrassing enough to get him back for calling me Australian?

Anyway, like every other farmer in the state, Steve grows corn and soya. We had a good chat about the kinds of media he uses to get information from, as well as the problems he and other farmers in the US have with explaining to the public about food production. It was easy to be sympathetic to his complaints, as they were exactly the same problems as those in the UK – how to decide upon a united message, how to counter emotion-based attacks from pressure groups and how to explain to children that milk doesn’t magically appear in the supermarket.

It makes me wonder whether we shouldn’t be taking a more international approach to educating the public and sharing the way we do things.

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1 Response to “Tea and sympathy”

  1. tim teague

    you didnt have to go all the way out west to hear that, and have a mug of tea, I could have given the same ramble about the public dont understand etc, and the scenery is much prettier here, even if the farmers are not.