Toronto, eh?

The good thing about London, is that the weather’s always so dodgy that most touristy stuff is designed so you go indoors to allow you to shelter from the rain/sleet/snow.

Not so in Toronto. Obviously they’re so used to nice weather that they don’t even have any areas to shelter when apocolyptic thunder storms get underway. Cue soaked feet as my trainers dissolved and hair like this thanks to the rain and humidity:


I have to say my day as a tourist here wasn’t the greatest of successes. I wandered the whole city for 11 hours and still didn’t manage to find anything I would describe as a focal point or a central area. I thought I’d try and find a pathway to walk along Lake Ontario’s shoreline and ended up walking along a road like this for an hour:

Pretty Toronto
When your tour book recommends a shoe shop as one of the top-ten things to go an see you know you’re struggling (especially when the said shop is the size of Clarks in Sutton). I s’pose am beingĀ  unfair here – few cities look good in miserable weather and had it been sunny I would have happily whiled away a few hours sat by the lake reading a book.

One thing I did enjoy was a trip to the top of the CN Tower. The world’s tallest free-standing structure, I was whizzed up 447m in about a minute in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque glass elevators to the Sky Pod, where I was treated to views like this:

pretty view
I got to watch my second Blue Jays game in two days from up there too. Anyone would think I was a proper fan:

More baseball

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