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I’m writing this a few thousand feet over the Atlantic. Despite usually having narcoleptic tendencies whenever I board any kind of transportation, I’m annoyingly wide awake. Plus I’ve managed to pick the one seat on the plane where the tv set isnt working so I can’t watch a film – hence the blogging.

I’ve been trying to think  of a way to sum up the past couple of weeks, but at the moment my head’s whirring with all the information I’ve been given, the things I’ve seen and the people I’ve met. I thought it was another one of those lame Nuffield cliches (© MJWN, again) when past scholars have said you don’t really get your head around things until a few weeks after your trip, but I think that actually might be the case.

At the moment I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near answering my study question about communication with farmers – in fact I think I have even more questions.

Despite my study confusion, I have managed to identify ten other lessons from my trip:

– pears are legitimate weaponry
– Lego is still fun, even as an adult
– squirrels can be accessorised with white, black, red and grey
– I can be out-sarcasmed
– Belgium is in fact Holland, apparently…
– fireworks should be watched with the sound on
the bee scene from Candyman hasn’t made me as terrified as bees as I thought it had
– cats and bagpipes are an obvious combination
– I should have packed straightening irons
– chocolate cake is a viable breakfast foodstuff
– my mother needs to be taught the concept of time differences between different continents in time for my next trip  (though everyone loves an early-morning wake-up call)

And finally (okay, so there are eleven), I’ve found oat how talk speak like a proper Canadian and that, eh?

Thanks to all the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made and the folk who have made me feel so welcome on my travels – especially my pocket-sized hostess-with-the-mostest. I look forward to repaying your hospitality soon x

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