Before I went off on my Nuffield adventure, the lovely Nick Padwick – Co-op farmer and FW Farmer of the Year – spent a week in FW Towers as guest editor.

Aside from seeing how many times he could get his mug in the magazine (I haven’t forgotten my promise to ‘decorate’ a copy for you, Mr P), Nick brought us some gifts in the line of mini plant pots to grow our own peppers in.

I had been out of the office for a few days so missed the initial planting ceremonies and was playing catch-up, but I hoped in my two-week Nuffield absence someone would have taken pity on my little seedlings and looked after them.

So much for the FW team having green fingers. This is what I came back to:

dead peppers

Funny how Young Rolf’s plants, in the pot behind, seem to be thriving, isn’t it? Just goes to show, you can never trust an Australian…

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