Bitter, much?

I’ve just seen Lembit Opik – the asteroid-fearing former weather forecaster fiance, Cheeky Girl squeeze and Lib Dem MP – speak at a debate at the CLA Game Fair in Warwickshire.

“With a CV like that,” you’re no doubt thinking, “it’s perfectly obvious why the CLA keep wheeling him out to talk at these things”.

Funny, that’s what I was thinking too.


To be fair he obviously knows his stuff about farming and in the past I’ve been quite impressed with the way he’s argued for his rural constituents and promoted agriculture.

Sadly I don’t think I’m going to be quite as impressed with his foray into stand-up and his brand of self-pitying comedy.

“Every time I see a friend do well, something inside me dies,” he told the audience. “It happens every time I see Nick Clegg.

“I’m sure he’ll think the same thing when he sees me on Celebrity Come Dine With Me though.”


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