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I haven’t written much on here in the last week or so as I figure you’d heard enough from me during my North American blogging marathon.

To use the time you perhaps would have otherwise spent perusing my site, perhaps you’d care to mosey on over to some other blogs, written by some of my lovely Nuffield chums while they’re on their travels.

Firstly we have Princess – she’s an agronomist from Hertfordshire who is currently in the US doing a course on soils. I can’t pretend to completely understand what her study is about, but it seems to be something along the lines of man-made fertiliser alternatives and burning bras. (This may or may not be hers, I couldn’t possibly start any rumours.)

burning braPic : Death by 1000 paper cuts

Rona, my favourite Devon duck farmer, is currently in France checking out canard with her entourage. Rona and her hubby are first generation farmers so she’s looking at how you go about starting an agricultural enterprise from scratch.

Michael is the funny one of the UK group so I’m almost loathe to direct you to his blog in case you don’t come back here, but he’s just landed back in Scotland after a month in New Zealand and Oz looking at new entrants to farming. He’s into sheep, but regardless of that, I still think his posts are worth reading.

And finally the last of the British bloggers is Adam, who’s looking at how to improve public views about farming. He hasn’t started travelling yet, but he works for Natural England so you may want to go over to his blog to complain about your HLS application. I know he loves things like that.

If you have any more reading time left, a few the Aussie Nuffield dudes have blogs too, but they write in funny accents so they’re probably not worth bothering with. If you’re that desperate for something to read, the links to theirs are on my blog roll on the right of my homepage.

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  1. Michael Blanche

    Whoop, whoop! Thanks for the mention. Obviously I’m interpreting “funny” as the ‘peculiar’ sense of the word rather than the ‘ha ha’. By the way – nice head wear!