Did you know sharks have opposable thumbs?

Me either. But it turns out they do. And they can write. And pop letters in the post all the way from Australia. Don’t believe me? Well look what turned up at Stocks Towers today:

Horror film
shark dvd
Of course, I could be wrong and it could just be that someone thinks it’s terribly amoosing to take advantage of the teensy-weensy little shark phobia I might have. And my mild fear of jellyfish. And my tiny dislike of spiders…

It’s great when your so-called bestest chums are witty like this, isn’t it? Well, if I get pecked to death by a kookabura, who’ll be laughing then, hey?

The horror film’s arrival was actually pretty well-timed, as it coincided with me buying my tickets for the next leg of my Nuffield adventure, which takes me to Bruce’s homeland.

As of October 12, I am outta here. First stop Delhi in India, then Mumbai (or Bombay, if you insist), on to Singapore, then a hop over to Darwin where I’ll start a three-month tour of Australia before flying back to Blighty from Oz’s biggest backwater, Perth.

I’m leaping wildly from excitement to absolute terror, though the panicky feeling may just be because I’ve given a travel agent so much money in one go.

I have just under two months to get visas, appropriately jabbed (what the heck is Japanese encephalitis anyone? Can’t I just promise not to eat, touch anything or breath while I’m in India to avoid these injections?), and work out how I’m going to fit 15 pairs of shoes into a backpack.

I’d better start packing now….

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2 Responses to “Did you know sharks have opposable thumbs?”

  1. Gob of the Wash

    You will no doubt be visiting here in India http://bit.ly/censRT

  2. Caroline Stocks

    That’s the toilet link again, isn’t it? I’m not clicking it.