Bank Holiday comes six times a year…

…Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers.

Really? Obviously Damon Albarn hadn’t been to where I visited today when he wrote that song.

The sun was actually out for the first time in ages this morning, so we headed to the east coast to make the most of it. Sensing we’d have to move quickly to take advantage of the weather, we went to the nearest resort to Nottingham – Cleethorpes.

It perhaps didn’t help that the sun stayed out for about two minutes before it started chucking it down with rain, but it wasn’t quite the day beside the seaside I had in mind.

Still, it did give me a chance to play with my latest, favouritist iPhone camera app. Look, it even managed to make Cleethorpes look pretty (did I just type that? Whoops. Please don’t come chasing after me, people of Cleethorpes…)


The drive home took us through some cracking Lincolnshire farmland. Like the area around Gob of the Wash’s farm (and most of the county, in fact), the land was as flat as a pancake and looked pretty impressive under the dark clouds.  There were a few combines out trying to make the most of the gaps in the showers too, but it looked as though most of the cutting’s already been done.

The landscape was given even more of a helping hand with a few wind farms. Controversial I know (sorry in advance, Bomber Harris), but I do love a good smattering of wind turbines:

Wind turbines

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3 Responses to “Bank Holiday comes six times a year…”

  1. Rob

    If those pics are from your iphone 4, I’m impressed.

  2. Caroline Stocks

    I told you: iPhone 4, best thing EVER.

  3. Adam

    Back in the days when I worked on a weekly mag, I hated bank holidays. Four days to get a week’s worth of features done? Hell.

    And don’t get me started on Easter…