Liberally lovin’ Liverpool

I’m in Liverpool at the mo for the Lib Dem party conference.

Being a geek, I love party conference season, but so far this one hasn’t really lived up to much.

It didn’t help that it took bloomin’ hours to get here and I seem to have booked into a hotel run by the offspring of Basil Fawlty, but the fringe events just haven’t been inspiring in the slightest.

One of them involved a bizarre line-up of an MEP, a nutritionist, a woman who worked for a random local food charity thing and the lovely Julian Hunt from the Food and Drink Federeation. The conversation flailed wildly from food labelling, EU legislation, health, nutrition, farming’s carbon footprint and whether people should eat less meat to save the planet. Scarily, I think Julian was the only one on the panel who really knew anything about the food chain, which was a terrifying thought considering the other panelists were the ones creating policy and informing the public. As a certain audience member was herd to mutter: “What a load of b*llocks”.

Another was a rather bizarre affair where the panelists were introduced by their green credentials, rather than their names and where the main speaker, energy and climate change minister Chris Huhne, turned up late. The panel chairwoman had to freestyle until he arrived – it was like watching a bunny being caught in car headlights.

On the plus side, Chris did have some interesting things to say about green energy. For one, he thought wind turbines were “beautiful” (obviously he was trying to win me over) and the government had to work on making people recognise how smashing they were if it was going to meet its targets of producing 20% of renewable energy by 2020. Anaerobic digestion plants also needed to be given more of a push. I s’pose we’ll have to see what happens in the comprehensive spending review later this month to see whether he’s really serious.

Having been talked at about green energy for a couple of hours, as I was leaving the conference centre at the Albert Docks I had to wonder how Liverpool’s big wheel was powered. If I was the kind of person to take a cheap shot, I’d say there’s so much hot air around the place at the moment that it could probably be run on renewables.

liverpool wheel
Like I’d be that cheap though….

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