Light packing

I’ve managed to rent my room in my flat out for the three months that I’m away travelling around India and Australia, so I’ve spent the last six hours trying to ram my possessions into a couple of suitcases and a storage cupboard above the airing cupboard.

It’s been a bit weird packing away all of my things but not actually moving out of the flat. I’m the kind of person who likes lots of photos, pictures and ‘things’ around me, so sitting in an empty room and to write this feels a bit odd. It’s made everything seem finally real too – there’s no going back now, come Friday I’ll be outta here and off to (hopefully) sunnier climes until the end of January. Eeek.

Lots of people have been helpfully giving me tips about the kinds of things I’m going to need to pack for when I’m travelling. The main message has been to pack light, so following their advice, I’ve decided just to take the essentials.

I tell you, Mr Seasoned Traveller, I can do EVERYTHING in those heels. Even outrun spiders, crocodiles and sharks.

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