A taste of India

It’s my last weekend in the Big Smoke before I head off on my Nuffield travels to India, so my friend Fuzz decided to ease me into Indian culture with a visit to Wembley.

Wembley, I learned yesterday, is a bit of an Indian enclave in north London. It’s full of sari shops, proper Indian restaurants and it even has it’s own fancy Hindu temple:

Taste of India

We had a smashing lunch which consisted mainly of fried spicy stuff, breaded spicy stuff and spicy stuff in pastry. Fuzzy speaks fluent Gujarati and I think he was particularly impressed with my pronunciation of the things we ate. I can definitely recommend the paneer dosa (cheesy pancakes), washed down with a mango lassi (a fruity, yoghurty drink, not to be confused with the other kind of Lassie, Fuzz was keen to point out). I’m looking forward to ordering these things while I’m in Delhi – my flat Nottinghamshire accent really does wonders for the language.

The other purpose of my trip was to pick out an appropriate wardrobe for while I’m away. Apparently I’ll be respected more – and stared at less in the streets – if I wear traditional Indian dress. Of course, Fuzz could have just told me this to see what kind of stupid costumes he could get me to wear, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and bought one of these delightful kurtas (I think that means baggy, nylon sack in English). Snazzy hey?

Kurta shopping
(Apologies for the terrible photos there, Fuzzy only has an iPhone 3GS, the poor love, so his camera’s a bit naff).

Anyway, I definitely feel more prepared for Delhi and Mumbai now. I reckon I’m going to blend right in….

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3 Responses to “A taste of India”

  1. fuzz

    Er… leave me and my sub-standard iPhone 3GS alone… Now remember the word association game we played to help you with your Hindi vocab ;o)

  2. Rob

    Love the boots:)

  3. Caroline Stocks

    Oi, cowboy boots go with everything. At least, mine do – I can’t speak for the shark skin variety…