I’m in Delhi and I’m fine. I think.

There’s a yak in the alley outside my window. I’d lean out to take a photo but I’m not sure the glass will stay in the frame if I jolt it. You’ll just have to believe me, it’s there.

If this was the weirdest element of my day, I’d be quite happy, but I have to say I think this has been on of the scariest and strangest 12 hours ever.

Having arrived in Delhi at 6am, I managed to get myself from the airport to the hotel (no mean feat given the taxi driver’s attempts at maneuvering around rickshaws and barely held-together buses). A quick change and armed with my map and camera, I thought I’d head out for a walk around Delhi’s main touristy bits. After all, the map reckons, my hotel is less than half a mile for all the exciting sightseeing destinations the city has to offer.

Yeah, right.

Three hours later I had been given so many different directions from the ‘helpful’ locals that I had no bloomin’ clue where I was. A less-helpful chap had run off with the only decent map I had which showed where my hotel was, while no one else had ever heard of it, or the road it’s on. I was trying not to get panicky, but it’s hard when you’re fighting for pavement space with wild dogs and red-bummed monkeys and then nearly getting run over by drivers who have even more questionable roadsense than I do.

Luckily, I got directed to my fourth tourist information of the day, where I found Irfan, a travel guide who hailed from Chelsea, gave me a cup of chai tea and helped me get a grip. I’d been worried that having an iPhone and Google maps at my fingertips had turned me into an imbecile who couldnt read maps, but Irfan, my new bestest India-based friend, told me that street maps of Delhi are ‘conceptual’ rather than based on actual roads. Handy, eh?

Anyway, good ol’ Irfan bundled me off in my very own chaffuear-driven car, so I’ve spent a slightly more enjoyable afternoon being whisked around Delhi’s touristy hotspots.


I’ve still been shaking constantly because of the scary drivers (apparently there’s only 10% of the normal traffic on the road because the government’s banned people from driving during the Commonwealth Games. Eeek), the amount of attention I’ve been getting and the fact my hotel is apparently in a district rife with drugs (I’m moving tomorrow), but it was a bit less terrifying than being utterly lost.

See, I’m fine. Definitely. Definitely fine….

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3 Responses to “I’m in Delhi and I’m fine. I think.”

  1. Hannah

    Wowsers! What a day! And I thought that taking 87 children around Chester, dressed as Roman soldiers was stressful. Hope that things get a little more relaxed and that you adapt to the Indian way of life.

    Monkeys are ace though…


  2. viewfromtheotherside

    Glad you’ve made it there ok.. Be careful what you take pictures of! If a snake charmer shows you his ware’s and you take a pic he’ll come chasing you down the road for money…using the snake as menaces!!!

  3. Mike

    Are you experiencing, umm, ‘culture shock’?!

    Hope your mother doesn’t read your blog. I reckon, if she does, she’s experiencing her own sort of shock. The worried kind. ;)