I’m still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah (and so’s the stadium)

There’s really nowt like listening to the sound of 300 squeaky bagpipes whilst sitting below a load of soldiers with sniper rifles, is there?

Day two in Delhi and it’s been as random as the first, though for better reasons. I’ll write about this morning in a separate post, but I just thought I’d prove to all the helpful people who made comments to the contrary before I left, that the good construction workers of Delhi did manage to complete at least one stadium for the Commonwealth Games. And it was pretty fancy:


The presence of several thousand policemen and soldiers in place because of a security threat really added to the aesthetics of the place too.

Despite being undecided whether to go or not, I’m glad I did – it gave me a chance to see the Prince of Edward and the unfortunately named Indian games official in the crowd, as well as watch a random Indian pop star I’d never heard of paraded around the stadium on a rickshaw with a giant tiger.

Random man and tiger

Great Britian’s offering to the proceeding’s was a display of military bands. Trumpets? Smashing. Oboes? Weird, but why the heck not, eh Sissy? But bagpipes, for 20 minutes? Really? I almost wished the snipers would take a pot shot…

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