Say hello to Brutus, everyone.

Saltwater crocodile

Ol’ Brutey here is a 4m-long saltwater croc, and I’ve spent a few days with him and his friends in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, about three hours out of Darwin.

Kakadu is a massive place – it’s half the size of Switzerland and is home to loads of funky aboriginal art, some incredible landscapes and wildlife and one of the world’s most productive uranium mines.

Most excitingly, it’s the place where the bush scenes in Crocodile Dundee were filmed.


I was one of eight people from across Europe who put our lives in the hands of Barney, our guide, as he zoomed us around the park in a 4×4, led us up sheer cliff faces, fed us kangaroo, made us swim in snake-infested pools, and tortured us with Coldplay.

And despite being bitten by a load of mosquitoes and coming close to swallowing a billion flies, I had a fab time. Big thanks to my awesome roomies, especially for introducing me to my new addiction. Remember girls, they’re just leaves x

Iced coffee

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