Farm pests, Aussie style.

Think you’ve got it tough with badgers, pigeons and rabbits on your farm?

Well spare a thought for my baramundi-farming friend Marty, who has to contend with these:

This ‘little’ fella is a couple of metres long, and was just chillin’ by one of the ponds, sunning itself, when we drove past today. We managed to get about 10m away from it before it slipped into the pond and went under water.

There are about five or six crocs living in the ponds (they hop over the banks from the Moresby River which runs alongside the farm), but Marty says he’s not too worried about them being there as they have such an abundance of fish to eat in the ponds that they leave humans alone.

Still, I wouldn’t fancy the job of holding the nets on the weekly Thursday fishing trip

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1 Response to “Farm pests, Aussie style.”

  1. jill willows

    Hi Caroline

    Have just had chance to catch up with all your comments – wow! I warned you of the nuffield experience but I only travelled in westernised countries!! Anyway you seem to be coping as I knew you would!

    Was at the nuffield conference in Edinburgh at weekend very good – saw Jo
    Rob performed well – was very proud – am staying with him tonight before Harper Adams stuff tomorrow
    All ok with me – off to barbados end of month for r and r

    Take care

    love jill x