The whole milk truth

Can you believe it? Marty took me to a dairy today.

He’ll try and deny it, but it was a bit embarrassing how excited he was about the visit. ‘Let me see a few cows,’ he pleaded with Emma and me. ‘I miss the smell of the silage, the splatter of manure, the lowing of the friesians. Fish are rubbish, it’s bovine I’m really interested in.’*

Dairy cows

In the end, we had to give let him take us – after all, he had driven us all over the Atherton Tablelands to show me what else Queensland agriculture has to offer (his is a great guide, y’know – I’m definitely giving Marty’s Tropics Tours™ five stars on Expedia).

The Tablelands are a kind of plateau along the Great Dividing Range in Queensland (the mountains that run along the coastline and create the warm, rainy conditions places like Innisfail benefit from). The area is drier and cooler than the lower-lying lands, making cracking conditions for dairy farming.

Driving around the region actually reminded me a lot of home – the green fields and undulating hills could have been any one of a number of places in the UK. Obviously the palm trees, rainforest, waterfalls and the ‘chilly’ 25 degrees registered on the car’s thermometer kind of gave the show away.

On the way home, we were very unfortunate to pass Gallo Dairyland, where Marty insisted we make a stop to he could see the cows**.

I say unfortunate, as Gallo Dairyland is a rather swanky farm diversification which is home to a cheese-making factory, as well as a chocolate shop and ice cream parlour.

Obviously, in the name of research, we had to sample the goods on sale.

Ice cream
This scholarship lark can be hard work at times.

* I may be telling a slight fib here
** This might also be a slight stretching of the truth too

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