Gettin’ my sea legs

Continuing the fishy theme of my travels through Queensland, I stopped off at Airlie Beach to hop on a boat for a tour around the Whitsunday Islands.

The Whitsundays are volcanic islands famed for their white beaches, coral reefs and incredible sea life. Coupled with blue skies and glorious sunshine, the Whitsundays are pretty much as close to paradise as you can get.

Which is why I planned my trip so perfectly so I got to see them like this:

Airlie Beach

To be fair, the grim weather didn’t really hamper my Whitsunday experience in any way as I managed to nab myself the last place on a rather swish boat.

And despite a certain person’s best-efforts to scare me about sharks, I even managed a day of scuba-diving with some bloomin’ huge fishies, like this:


It was a great trip and once again I met some great people, as well as mistakenly gaining a fiance, learning about the refractive index of water, going retro with camera film, spotting wave sharks and discovering that heaven can come in a ramekin (in the form of chocolate creme brulee).

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