Guess who I bumped into…

Some shocking news for my chums at Farmers Weekly Towers: I managed to out-party Charlie McCarron. He’s clearly gone soft since his Sutton days.

Having said that, my smugness was short-lived after he left the bar early and passed out on the sofa, leaving me locked outside and forced to camp out in a ute. If there’s one thing about Charlie, he can always guarantee you a classy time.

I’d stopped off in a place called Rockhampton, about four hours south of the Whitsundays, to pay a visit to my former FW colleague and 2007 Nuffield Scholar.

Charlie came out to Australia to learn about biofuels for his report, and pretty much never made it home.

Anyway, to make up for making me sleep in a car, on Sunday Charlie took me jet-skiing on crocodile-infested waters.

Do you think he’s trying to tell me something?

Charlie water-skiing

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