Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

It must’ve been my time skipperin’ the good ship Pacific Sunrise that did it, but I’ve developed a bit of a pirate-esque penchant for rum, so I ‘ave.

Actually, wind that back a bit. Normal rum still tastes revolting. My newly-acquired love is for Bundaberg, or Bundy, if your an Aussie.

Bundy is made in a titchy little town called Bundaberg, which is about five hours north of Brisbane.

The area is one of the most sourtherly regions of Queensland to grow sugar cane, and the distillery was set up to make use of molasses, the waste product produced by the plethora of sugar mills in the area.

Having seen so much of the state’s sugarcane industry in action, I thought it was only right and proper to call into the distillery so I could see the production process from beginning to end.

Apparently the red, volcanic soils of the region around Bundaberg make these molasses taste different to the usual stuff, hence Bundy’s flavoursomeness.

Having said that, after inhaling the 97% proof fumes from the distillery for 20 minutes I’d have believed anything they told me.

Still, I’m fully stocked-up on rum liqueur now, so I can go back to playing pirates. Arrr.

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