Chillin’ with the oldies

I went for a run on Torquay beach last night.

Torquay beach

Not the ‘proper’ Torquay obviously, but the one in Hervey Bay, about 120 miles north of Brisbane.

It’s obvious Hervey Bay is just a stop-off point for backpackers to catch a trip to the nearby Fraser Island, but I’ve been feeling a bit run-down over the past few days so I decided to stay here for a couple of nights to try and shake off any lurking lurgies.

There’s not a lot to do here as the place seems to be a giant retirement village (yes, Mr Geogrpahy, I know that means it’s the perfect place for me), but I’ve had a pretty nice day cycling along the 20km esplanade and chillin’ on the empty beaches.

Hervey Bay

Coupled with last night’s run though, this is the first proper exercise I’ve done in nearly six weeks. My legs are going to ache when I get onto Fraser Island tomorrow…

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