Brisbane bites (today, at any rate)

I’ve never had anyone get on a plane to avoid be interviewed by me before, but apparently that’s what happened to me today.

The Brisbane leg of my trip has been a bit of a disaster, I must admit. Meetings I’d planned have fallen through, other meetings I thought I could sort out on my arrival haven’t materialised.

To top it off, I’ve booked myself into a hostel that seems to have based its bedrooms on the set from Porridge (or Bad Girls, if you insist on being modern). Because there apparently aren’t enough of us crammed into a tiny room with no windows, my bed has handily come equipped with some extra residents: bed bugs.


It’s one of the horror stories of backpacking that I’ve so far managed to avoid, but for the last two days I’ve woken up covered in bites. Sorry, I take that back. According to the lovely receptionist, the lines of bites are in fact heat bumps. Yep, definitely heat bumps…

Today I set about trying to make the best of a bad job by doing some interviews over the phone and trying to get to various peoples’ offices to meet them. One interviewee suggested I meet him at the airport, so I made the trek out there and stupidly sat in the departure area for two hours before I conceded he wasn’t coming.

I’m my grumpiness, I’ve booked a flight for Sydney tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get to catch up with Magnum, talk sheep, wear my happiness-inducing red shoes and sleep in a bed where I’m not going to get bitten.

I live in hope…

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1 Response to “Brisbane bites (today, at any rate)”

  1. Mike

    Before going to Sydney you should go to Byron Bay. You’ll feel much more relaxed there… ;)