Resc-ewe mission

It may have kicked off slowly for some (it’s such a hassle when your blood sugar levels drop and give the symptoms of a hangover, innit?), but today I had a whirlwind education on the world of Australian sheep production.

merino sheep

I’d gone along to Meat and Livestock Australia, who are a levy board pretty similar to EBLEX in the UK and look into research, development and marketing of beef, sheep and goat meat across the country.

Funded by the 180,000 livestock producers in the Australia through a compulsory levy, the MLA is doing some interesting things in terms of telling its 48,000 members (who represent about 80% of livestock production in Australia) about the research it’s doing.

Alongside publishing magazines and articles on its website, the MLA has also started producing a magazine-style show which it sends out to members on DVDs.

I’m not totally convinced about how many people would bother playing the DVD in relation to it’s cost of production and distribution, but one chap from the sheep meat council told me some illiterate farmers have said the videos give them access to science they otherwise can’t obtain.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of interesting days and I feel like I’ve got back on track with things after the randomness of Brisbane. It certainly wasn’t a rescue mission though, okay? And I won’t listen to any claims anyone flew the equivalent of London to Russia to come and sort me out. Thanks though :) x

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